Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning
Widely known as the most traditional and effective carpet cleaning method, steam cleaning uses gentle detergents, very hot water, and a powerful, truck-mounted vacuum to thoroughly clean carpets.


As dry soil amounts to the majority of the soil in the carpet by volume, this step is arguably the most important to get right. We use a commercial upright vacuum with powerful suction to ensure the majority of loose, dry soil is removed.

Furniture Moving (If Necessary)
Moving your own furniture doesn't have to be a part of getting your carpets cleaned. Let us take care of the heavy lifting. We'll put it right back where it belongs when we're done -- on foam blocks to protect the pieces from the wet carpeting.

Rotary Shampoo
Many carpet cleaners merely spray their detergent onto the surface of the carpet. Our method uses a floor buffer to gently agitate the carpet, working the detergent deep into the base of the carpet fibers and loosening ground-in soil.

Truck-Mounted Hot Water Rinse & Extraction
Dry cleaning methods can have a hard time getting at deep, ground-in spots and stains. Nothing gets results like a good, hot water rinse and extraction. It may take a little longer to dry, but it works, and you don't need to clean your carpet as often.

Spot Treatments
Don't let other companies add hidden charges for spot treatments after they arrive. We use what it takes to clean up stubborn spots and you won't pay more than your original estimate.

Carpet Grooming with Carpet Rake
As an added value to our customers, we groom every carpet we clean. This improves drying time and leaves your carpet with a fresh, uniform appearance, not a matted, streaky mess.

Available Extras*:
Scotchguard Carpet Protectant
Protect the investment of your carpet cleaning with Scotchguard™ Carpet Protectant. For 20% of the cost of your entire carpet cleaning, Scotchguard™ provides an extra layer of protection against spills. When accidents inevitably occur, Scotchguard™ gives you time to clean up the spill before it has a chance to seep into the carpet fiber causing a permanent stain.

*For an additional charge