Upholstery Cleaning

Hand Wet-Cleaned, Hot Water Rinse and Extraction
Machine Dry-Cleaned


Removes loose soil from the surface of the upholstery.

Wet or Dry-Clean
Depending on the material of your upholstered furniture, it may require either wet or dry-cleaning. Our technicians are trained to know the difference and how to care for each kind of fabric.

Truck-Mounted Hot Water Rinse & Extraction
When your upholstery calls for a wet-cleaning, the same truck-mounted rinse and extraction that makes our carpet cleaning so effective lends the same stain-fighting power to our upholstery cleaning.

Available Extras*:
Fabric Protectant
Protect the investment of your upholstery cleaning with a fabric protectant. For an additional 20% of the total cost of your upholstery cleaning, a fabric protectant provides the same level of protection as Scotchguardprovides for carpets. When accidents happen, the protectant gives you time to clean it up before it becomes a permanent stain.

*For an additional charge