Mold Damage Remediation

The ServiceMaster Clean® Process:
Service Call and Damage Assessment
Sometimes leaks go unnoticed, and unaddressed moisture, in as little as 48 hours, can turn into a mold problem. During our initial visit, we will inspect the extent of mold growth, go over what the options are, and discuss what the next steps will be.
Industrial Hygienist Testing
If the goal is merely to determine the presence of mold when a visual inspection is inconclusive, we can set up an appointment with an Industrial Hygienist, who will test the air in the suspected area for the presence of mold spores.
Containment Set Up
With approval from you and your adjuster, we will begin setting up thick plastic sheeting around the affected area to prevent the spread of mold spores to other surfaces.
Removal of Affected Materials and Air Purification
Affected building materials are cut out, bagged, and removed from the property for safe disposal. Air filtering equipment is set up in an outside of the contained area to remove spores from the air.
Industrial Hygienist Final Testing
When the affected materials have been removed and the air has been filtered for an extended period of time, an Industrial Hygienist is called out to test the air quality to determine conclusively that the mold and its spores are now longer present. We don't leave until the mold test comes back negative.

The ServiceMaster Clean Difference:
No Shortcuts, No Risk
Mold is deadly serious. The negative health effects of mold are too numerous to count. It is not a substance to be treated lightly, and this is why we don't simply seal over or bleach affected surfaces in an effort to save time and money. These methods are ineffective and do not actually remove the presence of mold or even kill mold completely. The risk is not worth the serious dangers of mold exposure, and this is why we do not use these methods under any circumstances. The only way to remove the risks of mold definitively is to remove it completely.
We communicate with you from beginning to end and every day in-between. Many companies get you to sign papers and set up equipment, then never talk to you again. We are not that company. We understand that the presence of mold is unsettling enough without being left in the dark about what's going on. We want to keep you informed and prepared for what to expect every step of the way.

Ask Your Insurance Agent or Adjuster about ServiceMaster Clean Mold Remediation Services.